Nathalie Pearson

Development and Strategy Team Lead

Nathalie, a qualified specialist physiotherapist, has two Bachelor of Science degrees and practised in the NHS, New Zealand and privately before taking a career break to care for her young children. As an experienced and comprehensive practitioner, Nathalie was committed to identifying the root cause of symptoms and used a holistic and individualised approach to patient care to assist each patient to reach their own goals.

Concerned for the welfare of her NHS colleagues when the pandemic began, Nathalie mobilised and coordinated a countywide team making scrubs for hospitals, hospices and GP surgeries. She then met Sammie and Fran. Although her children do not live with Long Covid, Nathalie witnessed the harrowing ordeal suffered by children and families who did and was unable to walk away. She has since devoted all of her free time to Long Covid Kids from assisting with the very first research article and interviews to building the international team and brand. Nathalie's passion was the driving force behind the charity application, and in 2021, Long Covid Kids became the first UK-based international charity for children living with Long Covid and is recognised by the NHS and the Centre for Disease Control in the USA.

Nathalie is a determined advocate for children and school staff devoted to ensuring that children, young people and their caregivers are recognised, supported and assisted with their COVID-19 recovery.

Nathalie has a special interest in COVID-19 and education.